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88 degrees with a chance of showers in Sierra Leone! A beautiful day just as the rainy season is about to begin! Sierra Leone has two seasons: the rainy season which lasts from May-November and the dry season from December through April. Which do you think you would like better? ...

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Progress continues to be made in controlling the Ebola crisis but the battle is far from over! Continue to keep Sierra Leone and West Africa in your thoughts and prayers as well as all the organizations (WHO, Partners in Health, Doctors Without Borders, etc.) who are providing care and support to our brothers and sisters in Salone! ...

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#TBT! Throwback Thursday to New Year celebrations in 2009 with good friends Richard and Peter. Our kids grow up so fast! ...

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Today marks the anniversary of the kidnapping of young girls by Boko Haram. Our hearts and prayers go out to our Kenyan sisters and we rejoice with gratitude that Sierra Leone is one step closer to normal with the planned reopening of schools. ...

As we mark the tragic anniversary of the abduction of more than 200 school girls in Nigeria, elsewhere in West Africa girls (and boys) in Ebola-hit Sierra Leone are back in school for the first time since July.

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