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Richard was a very special boy and while we miss him, it has been so meaningful to hear everyone's stories about the ways he touched our lives. We at JCC would like to invite you all to use this post as a space to share pictures, stories, and memories of Richard. We will always grieve the loss of our children, but we also are so grateful for the joy and love we shared during our brief time with him. ...

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Thank you a for your continued prayers and support through this difficult time. We continue to miss our sweet Richard and thank God for the time we had with him.

Our Sponsorship Team is working on creating a memorial video to help celebrate Richard's life. If you have any pictures of Richard from your own travels to Salone or from our sponsorship program, we'd greatly appreciate if you could send them our way. Photos can be sent via e-mail to jonhousesponsorship@gmail.com. If you would prefer to send printed photos, just comment on this post and we can send you a mailing address. Thank you in advance for your help with this project.

If you have any favorite stories of Richard, keep an eye on our Facebook page for opportunities to share! We will have a community post up soon and we would love to hear from you.

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Our thoughts and prayers continue to go out to everyone in the JCC family as we grieve and give thanks for Richard's life.

News from Christie: "We have laid Richard to rest. We were able to have a short service and then again pray at the grave. We will have the Memorial Service on Sunday at JCC at 10am."

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God's grace shining through this difficult time:

From Christie--The burial team will bury Richard tomorrow morning- we will be able to provide clothes and a casket. They will allow us a small prayer service before burial. We are then planning a memorial service for Sunday. We will then observe the 40 days as well when that time reaches.
There will be no school tomorrow either- it is the case even if a child from the school passes who does not live here- but in this case the teachers will also come to be at the home for a time and the moms and kids will be together along with the staff.

I feel I need to say this too- the care Richard and all of us received was the best I have ever experienced while in Sierra Leone. The staff and conditions at Mercy Hospital have improved greatly and I am so thankful for them. I know this sounds odd to say it was the best since the end result was not what we wanted- yet we knew going in that this was a difficult case. Through it all several nurses were always available to Richard and Mommy Musu, speaking to Richard even when he was unconscious, even treating Musu when she said she wasn't feeling well. The doctor was always willin to talk to me- even coming to seek me out twice. He listen to questions and suggestions- even though at times it was still a response I would expect from other Drs here- it came out differently- knowing all the other things he was doing.

The admin went above and beyond to help us as well. The moms and children at the CRC orphanage connected to mercy were praying for Richard- when I didn't have my vehicle when Richard passed- their staff offered our staff their vehicle and driver. In so many ways Richard had the best care he could get here- he had compassion and deep concern. He had value and was shown love through it all. We truly are grateful for what they have done and the roles they played during this difficult time.

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